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Buy/Sell Transaction Date Acceptance DateTime Issuer Name Issuer Trading Symbol Reporting Owner Name Reporting Owner Relationship Transaction Shares Price per Share Total Value Shares Owned Following Transaction Form
Sell2016-12-122016-12-13 12:55:45KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer6,045$34.2200$206,860.0000234,388Form 4
Sell2016-12-072016-12-08 11:07:14KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer15,120$33.2510$502,755.0000240,433Form 4
Sell2016-09-162016-09-19 13:26:53KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer2,067$31.0800$64,242.4000255,553Form 4
Sell2016-07-122016-07-14 15:42:16KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer1,769$37.3900$66,142.9000234,560Form 4
Sell2016-06-232016-06-27 11:05:11KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer1,769$34.6700$61,331.2000236,329Form 4
Sell2015-12-112015-12-14 14:39:28KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer3,012$41.0800$123,733.0000229,447Form 4
Sell2015-12-042015-12-08 16:11:12KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer700$40.4850$28,339.5000234,004Form 4
Sell2015-12-042015-12-08 16:11:12KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer11,700$40.4800$473,616.0000234,704Form 4
Sell2015-12-042015-12-08 16:11:12KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer1,545$40.5500$62,649.8000232,459Form 4
Sell2015-07-152015-07-17 14:31:04KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer3,848$38.3300$147,494.0000233,070Form 4
Buy2015-07-152015-07-17 14:31:04KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer28,960$28,960.0000$838,682,000.0000236,918Form 4
Sell2015-07-102015-07-13 14:52:19KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer882$76.3400$67,331.9000103,979Form 4
Sell2015-06-242015-06-25 15:58:47KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer695$72.9400$50,693.3000104,861Form 4
Sell2015-06-232015-06-25 15:58:47KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer882$73.4500$64,782.9000105,556Form 4
Sell2015-03-122015-03-16 14:32:58KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer1,970$76.2900$150,291.0000106,438Form 4
Sell2014-12-182014-12-19 09:42:19KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer200$63.3500$12,670.0000104,942Form 4
Sell2014-12-182014-12-19 09:42:19KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer782$63.3600$49,547.5000104,160Form 4
Sell2014-12-182014-12-19 09:42:19KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer5,018$63.3400$317,840.0000105,142Form 4
Sell2014-12-122014-12-15 14:44:16KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer1,506$61.5500$92,694.3000110,160Form 4
Sell2014-12-052014-12-08 15:22:48KROGER COKRHJELM CHRISTOPHER T officer773$60.9800$47,137.5000111,666Form 4

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